Content - Sustainability: Ecology, quality, EN ISO 14001

Sustainability. Everyone is talking about sustainability these days. We generally do not, as we have always set high standards in the way we operate in relation to ecology and quality.

For instance, for us it goes without saying that we produce high-quality chairs that are designed to last. After all, what lasts and keeps working for a long time does not have to be replaced and thus conserves resources. It is also clear to us that Girsberger chairs are designed with recycling in mind, and consist almost entirely of materials that can be re-used.

Since 2007, we have also operated an environmental management system certified to EN ISO 14001 standard, which obliges us to continually improve our environmental performance. The system governs our obligations towards both our customers and suppliers, who are also checked to ensure they operate in an environmentally compatible way.


Download Sustainability Report 2018 (PDF)

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