Content - Social responsibility: Production, environment, materials

Our social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a buzz phrase. We are all becoming increasingly aware that ensuring social fairness and conserving resources will be the biggest challenges for future business. Responsibility towards society has always been a core component of Girsberger’s corporate philosophy. Now, however, our customers also want to know: under what conditions are the products made and are these conditions fair? What impact does the production process have on the environment? How are the materials used disposed of or recycled?

We have answers to these questions: We continue to produce our products in Switzerland and Germany. Over 87% of all components that we do not produce ourselves are bought from suppliers based within a circumference of 600 km of our production sites. We thus ensure that our products are made in a socially and ecologically compatible way, and  that they meet your expectations of  quality and sustainability.

To ensure the transparency of our sustainable supply chain and non-financial corporate responsibility values, we have undergone an EcoVadis rating, which consists of CSR-based evaluations. With 65 out of 100 points, Girsberger received a Gold EcoVadis medal for 2019 and is thus in the top 5% of all the furniture-producing companies certified by EcoVadis.


Download: EcoVadis Certificate (PDF)

Download: EcoVadis Performance Overview (PDF)