Content - Why choose Remanufacturing?

Act sustainably. Keeping existing furniture instead of throwing it away and buying new items preserves resources.

Save money. If you have a large number of items requiring renewal, renovating them and potentially doubling their lifespan can save money. The cost can be up to 40% less than disposing of the furniture and then buying new products of the same quality.

Add value. Value can be added as part of a redesign, for example by adding extra cushioning to chairs to make them more comfortable. The furniture can also be reupholstered using different cover materials that are easier to clean or have other beneficial properties. 

Maintain authenticity. Architecture and interior design often reflect the spirit of the times and have specific signature features. If the overall artistic design is to be maintained, then renovation rather than purchasing new items is the appropriate solution.

Update the look. An overhaul using modern colour concepts freshens up tired-looking furniture – for example wood can be re-varnished in a different colour and a more contemporary design chosen for the covers.

Maintain seating capacity. Due to fire regulations, when new seating is installed in auditoriums, concert halls and theatres, the number of seats often has to be reduced. By retaining the original furniture this loss of capacity can be avoided.

Avoid risky decisions. New furniture purchases are often associated with risk as it is difficult to estimate how long the new items will last. Renovating and continuing to use tried and tested furniture ensures there are no surprises. 

Keep treasured items. We often become attached to objects that we have treasured and come to value over the years and do not want to see them go.