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Data protection declaration

We take the task of protecting your data seriously.
We appreciate your interest in our company and our products, and would like you to feel safe about the protection of your personal data when you visit our web site.
Personal data.
It is not necessary for you to divulge personal data in order to visit our web site. In certain cases, however, we will need your name, address and other information, so that we can provide the required services.
The same applies, for example, when we send you documentation or products you have ordered, or when we answer specific questions. In cases where your personal data is necessary, we will draw attention to the fact. In addition, we will only save and process data which you have provided of your own free will or automatically.
To what purpose do we use your personal data.
We use the personal data you provide in order to answer your questions, to process your orders or to make certain information or offers available to you. You may rest assured that we will respect your wishes, should you prefer not to support your customer relationship by providing us with personal data. Under no circumstances will we sell your data to third parties or otherwise market it.
Automatically acquired non-personal data.
When our web site is visited, the following data is saved for organizational and technical reasons:
Identification of the pages visited, the browser and operating system used, the date and time of the visit, the search engines, the names of the files downloaded and your IP address. This technical data is anonymous and evaluated for statistical purposes only. This allows us to optimize our internet presence on an ongoing basis. The data is saved on secure systems, and conclusions about any individual person are not possible.
Cookies are small text files which a web server sends to your browser for storage on the fixed disk of your computer. It is possible that we will file certain information in the form of a cookie on your computer when you visit our web site. Only the internet protocol address is saved, but none of the user's personal data whatsoever. The saved information allows you to be recognized automatically when you next visit our web site and helps us to facilitate navigation for you. You can avoid cookies on your fixed disk by choosing "Cookies not accepted" in your browser settings. But non-acceptance of cookies can restrict the functions of our service.
This data protection declaration does not apply to the external links provided on our web site. We try to ensure that these web sites also comply with our data protection and safety standards, but we have no direct influence in the matter.
Your right to obtain information on your data, or to have it deleted.
You can obtain information on your personal data which we have on file at any time. Whenever you wish, you can also rescind your consent that we acquire and save your personal data. In such a case, as well as in the case of more complex questions, please contact our data protection officer indicated below.
General information.
We reserve the right to modify our safety and data protection measures, should technical developments make this necessary. In such cases, we will adapt our information on data protection accordingly. Please therefore regularly consult the current version of our data protection declaration.


Data protection officer, Girsberger GmbH