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Teamwork and collaboration

The office is evolving more into a communication space

As statistics now clearly prove, the time we spend in the office is increasingly devoted to communication and cooperation. Office chairs for clerical workstations which involve day-long sitting in a single location are becoming less relevant, as we see a shift towards seating furniture for communication and conference areas.

Simplex 3D has been developed for communication areas in the office – in particular for conferences, collaboration and teamwork. Requirements such as ease of use, convenience and universal application were paramount.

Equally important was an attractive selling price, as the budgets available for chairs in communication areas are generally lower than for work chairs.

Bench work

Constantly changing places in the office is becoming the norm

Regular tasks in the office – at a specific location at a specific time and following fixed procedures – are a thing of the past. Today’s world of work in the office is characterized by constant flexibility, availability and changing work locations – both inside and outside the office.

This also impacts on workstations and office chairs. Simplex 3D is particularly suited to constantly alternating between workstations, because it doesn't have to be adjusted.

Nobody goes to the effort of precisely adjusting several different settings on a swivel chair if they only using it temporarily. That's why, with the Simplex 3D, only the seat height has to be adjusted.

The homely office

The office is becoming more and more homely

The age of the technocratic, uniform office is finally over. People want homely offices. The ideal is an office that feels like home.

Nowadays, the office-cum-living room, with comfy sofas, lots of wood and thick carpets, is commonplace. Behind this lies the understanding that the feel-good factor has a big influence on our productivity.

Furthermore, it has been recognized that a homely office is particularly important to young people and can significantly enhance an employer's attractiveness.

Comparison of Girsberger Camiro and Simplex 3D

A new swivel chair – typology for the homely office

For the office chair, the growing need for homeliness is a paradigm shift. Net and skeleton constructions, which convey the opposite of homeliness, have dominated for more than 20 years. These swivel chair constructions have led to a sitting machine aesthetic, which errs towards the technical and masculine in character.

Girsberger's Reflex, Yanos and Camiro models have also tended to follow this tradition. Simplex 3D is a new type of swivel chair which meets the need for homeliness in the office. Its design vocabulary is organic, soft, charming and more feminine. The seat and backrest are fully upholstered in fabric.

There are no exposed mechanisms or other technical components beneath the seat. Hardly any plastics are visible. The seat and backrest are ideal for bi-colour versions to add an inviting splash of colour to the office.