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More movement when sitting in the office

The problem of spending a long time sitting in the office has not diminished. Although many people no longer spend such a long time sitting on the same chair in the same place, the amount of time spent sitting has not decreased overall.

The best counterbalance to this is no secret: movement and dynamic sitting. Simplex provides this, as its 3D kinematics actively encourage movement while seated.

Similar to a sitting ball, on the Simplex 3D the user is constantly moving, yet comfortably supported.

The healthiest seated posture is the next seated posture

Forwards, backwards, sideways - the main thing is to keep changing your seated position, as the healthiest seated posture is always the next one. Even the shape of the Simplex seat shell encourages constant postural changes.

The enveloping backrest accommodates all kinds of different seated orientations. The taper between the seat and backrest even allows for sitting "back-to-front".

Furthermore, the Simplex 3D backrest is relatively low, allowing the back free movement above the lumbar region.