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The initial
idea behind
Simplex 3D

The initial idea was based on a round piece of foam as the spring element (blue) between the support and the seat. Over several stages of development and refinement, this first simple, but not sufficiently robust conceptual approach was developed into a definitive solution, with centrically arranged spring elements.

The mechanism allows forward and sideways displacement of up to 7° and of up to 14° to the rear. The range of movement is permanently available but, if desired, can be halted using a lever on the left of the chair.

Cellasto polyurethane spring elements

The Simplex 3D spring system consists of eight spring elements made of polyurethane PU (Cellasto®). The sizes and layout of the PU spring elements were finalized over several stages, which included test user feedback.

Cellasto®, a microcellular polyurethane elastomer, is an extremely robust material which, as well as boasting very good vibration-reducing properties, also guarantees long-lasting resilience.

The material is also used in vehicles or as a shock absorber in elevators.

Prototyp with polyurethane elements

FEM stress and deformation tests of the polyurethane spring elements