Content - Solid wood

Solid wood. There is a reason why Girsberger tables feature such special quality. We work exclusively with solid wood. When selecting tree trunks, we benefit from our specialists’ many years of experience. Even before the tree is felled, they can envisage the trunk’s internal growth structure – a skill of inestimable value. Each of our tables is a natural product that is pleasing to the touch and has a typical fragrance. The characteristics of the wood vary, depending on the tree type and where it grew. Branches, knots, irregularities and the processing of the material are testimony to  uniqueness and authenticity. And as we almost always use wood from sustainably managed forests, a solid wood table  from Girsberger is a fine choice from an ecological perspective as well. You are welcome to come and visit us in Bützberg to select the type of wood, grain and design for your own table. Increasing numbers of customers are choosing this option to give their tables that personal touch.