Content - Why choose customized furniture?

The right materials, sizes and functionality for youDoes your project require furniture that should or must meet criteria above and beyond the usual standards? We align all the product characteristics with the specific requirements, expected users and available space ‒ for example with regard to dimensions, choice of materials, surface finish, mobility, comfort, acoustics and suitability for outdoor use.

A unique style reflecting your CIPerhaps you are looking for furniture which is uniquely distinctive yet which blends in completely with the architecture of a building, the interior of a room and your corporate brand. Individually designed furniture fits this bill perfectly, be it for reception areas, lounges, restaurants and canteens, theatres, public spaces or other uses.

Furniture which meets safety and other standards.  Furniture in public and commercial spaces must meet high standards of material durability, strength and room acoustics along with safety and fire standards. We have our own testing laboratories and highly experienced engineers, enabling us to guarantee that our furniture will meet all the necessary requirements. These are taken into account in the choice of materials and the construction design from the very outset of product development.

Furniture in perfect harmony. Whether you want to furnish a room entirely in one signature style like a complete and unique work of art, or you wish to integrate your new furniture into an existing interior, with the help of Customized Furniture all the components will come together to create a perfectly coordinated whole. For listed buildings and spaces in particular, Customized Furniture is often the ideal solution.