Content - Project stages

1. Project discussion and needs analysis.  At the initial meeting we will clarify the scope of the project based on your ideas and designs and will discuss the documents you have supplied. We can either visit you, the designer and client, or you are welcome to visit our workshop in Bützberg and see the capabilities of our manufacturing site for yourself.

2. Feasibility check and cost estimate. We will then check the feasibility of the project and provide a cost estimate on the basis of materials, design costs and manufacturing costs, as well as a provisional schedule outlining the necessary steps and milestones.

3. Engineering. Once your order has been placed, the functional implementation of your design will begin with the selection of materials and deliberation as to the ideal construction method. This process may be repeated several times and may incorporate the production of a model, visuals or an interim presentation. For seating in particular, a prototype may be built to ensure comfort and to check the proportions and stability.

4. Production. The manufacture of one-off pieces and of large and small furniture series takes place at the Girsberger workshops, although specialist partners from our network of contacts may take over some manufacturing tasks should it be necessary and practical. You are welcome to visit our premises at any time during the production process.

5. Delivery and assembly. The next stage is delivery and assembly on site, followed by commissioning and checking of functionality.