Content - Interdisciplinary competencies

How our multidisciplinary competencies developed. Established in 1889 as a woodworking shop, over subsequent decades Girsberger made its name as a manufacturer of seating solutions. In addition to growing internationally, the company expanded by focussing on market niches. The move into dining furniture collections went hand in hand with the development of greater expertise in working with solid wood and also the establishment of the company's own wood trading business. After this the Customized Furniture and Remanufacturing business units were set up. The family-owned company is managed today by Michael Girsberger, who is the great-grandson of the company's founder. With production locations in Switzerland, Germany, Serbia and Turkey, Girsberger has a high degree of versatility in production, which guarantees that we can provide durable, high-quality products produced in a socially responsible and environmentally sound way.

Our Customized Furniture business unit draws on the wealth of experience gathered over the many years the company has been in existence and combines excellent craftsmanship with ultra-modern technology. Our employees are experts in industrial design, construction, solid wood processing, metalworking and upholstery. With the help of our multidisciplinary manufacturing sites we offer everything from a single source – drawing where necessary on the support of highly specialized partner companies. 

We have the following key competencies:


- Construction
- Building of models and prototypes
- Testing of functionality and conformity with standards
- Evaluation of materials

Construction. Our project managers are experts in bespoke furniture solutions. They design and develop, build prototypes and oversee the project from start to finish. We have a pool of eight development specialists in total, meaning we are always able to choose the right manager for your project.

Building of models and prototypes. A prototype can be much more informative than a drawing. Our model builders are able to create design models and prototypes on request, thus enabling our clients to check the optical appearance, proportions, tactile sensation, function and comfort of their furniture designs. Our models also enable further requirements to be determined and details optimized, so that before production begins you can be certain that the final result will meet your requirements in full.

Testing of functionality and conformity with standards. Seating in public and commercial spaces in particular has to be designed to cope with regular use and a high degree of wear and tear. Just as we do for our mass-produced ranges, if necessary we can test the safety and durability of customized furniture in our test laboratory according to valid EN standards so you can rest assured that your product will withstand the stresses of daily use.

Evaluation of materials. We evaluate the materials you have chosen to determine their suitability and we organize samples of materials. As we have an extensive range of materials, we are often able to suggest further options, thus providing the best possible selection for your project.



- Carpentry
- Metal construction
- Upholstery
- Surface finishing
- Specialist partners


Carpentry. The processing of solid wood is one of our core competencies. As well as this expertise in processing solid wood, we are also able to procure, correctly store and dry out the timber. We have our own solid wood warehouse measuring 3,500 m³ and containing a range of fine European woods of a consistently high quality. Handpicked and sawn timber is carefully air-dried for between one and three years here, with several air flow chambers and vacuum chambers used to dry the wood so it contains the right level of moisture.

Metalworking. As we have our own in-house metalworking workshops, metal parts can be crafted quickly and easily to fit with other carpentry or upholstery components. The workshops can undertake all the necessary processes including welding, bending, grinding, polishing and many more.

Upholstery. As we also mass produce furniture, we have our own high-performance upholstery department. We know what stresses furniture in public and commercial areas undergoes, so we take your furniture design and create high-quality upholstery for you by sandwiching together different foam types, thus ensuring the seating remains extremely comfortable for many years.

Surface finishing. We use only the highest quality paints and oils. If our standard furniture paint is not appropriate or you have a specific requirement, we work with our suppliers to develop a suitable surface finish. In this way we achieve not just the desired look and feel, but also the required robustness and abrasion resistance.

Specialist partners. We can undertake many tasks ourselves in our workshops – but not all. For this reason we have built up a network of highly specialized partners, who we involve in our projects as required. We always maintain overall responsibility and coordinate all work, so for you everything is supplied and assembled by a single source.



- Delivery and assembly


Delivery and assembly. To ensure that the furniture we have developed together ends up in the right place and is put together correctly we also offer a delivery and assembly service. We can organize specialist transport on request and will attend the site in person. From your first idea to the final placement of the furniture, we are with you all the way.