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Climate neutral. We employ energy-efficient production processes and handle resources carefully. However, we cannot completely avoid creating CO2 emissions in our production process and distribution channels. To protect the climate and the environment, we compensate for the remaining emissions with Fair Recycling. 

This Swiss climate protection foundation is contributing to climate protection around the world by recycling old CFC refrigerators in developing countries in a fair manner. Fair Recycling combines climate and resource protection with social commitment. Together with its project partner, Indústria Fox, Fair Recycling has built South America's first environmentally compatible recycling facility for refrigerators in Brazil. 

In the state-of-the-art recycling plant in Cabreúva, near São Paulo, refrigerators are broken down into their individual components and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner in accordance with Swiss standards. As a result, high-quality raw material components can also be reclaimed. The greenhouse gas CFC which is present in the refrigerators is completely burned up in a high-temperature furnace. Each refrigerator recycled compensates for one tonne of CO2 and 50 kg of raw materials can be reclaimed. 

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