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Here you will find the Girsberger logo and current press photos relating to the company and its products. You can either select one of the six categories indicated, or you can search for a certain term in «keyword-search». The respective images are then displayed. At the same time, you are given additional information and the possibility of downloading print versions.



The Girsberger platform pCon.Catalog will provide you with the following file types of our planning data:


You can paste this data in a CAD program of your choice or you can add them to an office or residential environment with the planning tool pCon.Planner, free of charge. Should you not find the requested product combination, please contact our sales department.

Specialist dealers or professional planners can configure Girsberger products with the marketing edition of this software, that also processes OFML data.



OFML data consists of two- or thee-dimensional graphical product data, administrative data such as prices and product specifications, and configuration information. The data can be processed with the corresponding software and the products are displayed according to the configuration.
Further information on OFML can be found under

For Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, Girsberger provides OFML data in German, French, Dutch and English.

The Girsberger OFML data is routinely updated and supplemented with new products. The updated OFML data can be obtained via the EasternGraphics pCon.Update service. This will provide you with the latest versions.
The pCon.Update service is available in two versions. If you only need the Girsberger OFML data without data from other manufacturers, then you can use the service which is free of charge. But if you wish to use the OFML data of several manufacturers at the same time, then it is advisable to use the second service which is subject to a fee.
The OFML data and the components used are identical for both services, only the registration procedures differ.

This is where you can register for the pCon.Update service which is free of charge. Please remember your user name and password, you will need them for the pCon.Update service.

You will need the pCon.Update Data Client software in order to use the pCon.Update service. The pCon.Update Data Client can be downloaded free of charge.